Financial Administration

Program Presentation

Professionals in Financial Administration will acquire skills that will permit their having the capacity to manage resources, develop projects and work in teams, based on financial decision making having as a basis the company's economic and financial reality and problems; these professionals design operational and strategic plans tending to improve the organization's financial situation in compliance with the basic financial objective that is maximizing the enterprise's value; management of the auditing area by formulating contro strategies, risk management and application of auditing procedures; use of technological tools, management of a second language; basing their actions upon ethical principles in the search for an integral person.

Professional Profile

Financial Administrators from the University Institution Colegio Mayor del Cauca will be integral professionals, capable of analyzing and evaluating the financial situation of organizations, whose objective will be to maximize their value within a context of globalized and competitive markets; besides participating in auditing processes that permit accomplishing continuous improvement in any type of enterprise.

Key Information

SNIES registry: 101922
Qualified Registry Resolution: 10977 of 11 September 2012
Degree awarded: Financial Administrator
Duration: 10 = (6 Technology in Financial Management + 4 Professional Financial Administration)
Number of Credits: 166 = (85 Technology in Financial Management + 12 propaedeutic component + 65 Professional Financial Administration)
Modality: Class attendance
Time: Night - Monday to Friday 6:15 p.m. to 10:25 p.m.

Study Plan